Kincrome Multi Function Jump Starter

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The KINCROME POWER PAK™ Multi-Function Jump Starter is ideal for charging vehicles to electronic devices. The Jump Starter starts up to 6 cylinder petrol engines great for vehicles, motorcycles, small boats, jet ski’s and ride-on mowers (up to 400CCA). A great feature of the POWER PAK™ Multi-Function Jump Starter is it also includes various outputs to recharge a range of electronic devices including mobile phones, Tablets, PC computer, PSP, MP3/MP4, Air Pump and includes a LED light to see under the bonnet or for the unwanted emergency.

Featuring Lithium-Ion Technology, the battery holds 80% shelf charge for up to 6 months and is able to be recharged with the included 240V & 12V Chargers.  The POWER PAK™ Multi-Function Jump Starter gives up to 20 starts per recharge, enabling multiple restarts without recharging and includes Surge Protected Cables, providing added protection for your vehicles electronic equipment.  Includes a neat carry pouch to store the POWER PAK™, accessory adaptors, chargers and cables together ideal to store in the glove box of the car.

The KINCROME POWER PAK™ (Type 2) features the NEW “Intelli-check” jumper leads!
The “Intelli-check” jumper leads provide the following additional features compared to the original standard jumper cables.
• Reverse Polarity Protection will protect the jump starter when the jumper cables are connected incorrectly.
• Anti-Recharge protection will stop the vehicles alternator from trying to recharge the jump starter.
• Short Circuit Protection protects the internal components from damage.
• Over Discharge Protection will stop the jump starter from dropping below required voltage.
• Surge Protection will protect the vehicles electronic components during use.
• Includes Intelli-Check Cables- For even more added protection of your vehicles electrical components: Reverse Polarity / Anti re-charge / Short Circuit / Over Discharge
• Lithium Ion Technology- holds 80% shelf charge for up to 6 months
• 3 X 3,700mAh Lithium Ion Battery Cells - High Wh capacity provides multiple starts
• Up To 20 Starts Per Recharge- Enables multiple restarts without recharging
• Surge Protected Cables- Provides added protection for your vehicles electronic equipment
• Multi-Purpose Device Charger- Charge Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Other USB Devices 
• 400Amp Peak Current- Jumpstart up to 6Cyl Petrol Vehicles or vehicles with a battery CCA (Cold Crank Amp) rating of 400CCA or less 
• LED Safety Light, Flash, SOS- provides a safe working environment when using the product at night
• 240V & 12V Chargers- Charge at home or when on the go
• 500+ Cycles- For longevity of the jump starter
• Carry Pouch- Retain the POWER PAK, accessory adaptors, chargers, cables together when not in use

• Battery Capacity: 14.8Wh (3700mAh)
• Battery Cells: 3
• Output:
5V/2A - Mobile phone, Tablet, PC, PSP, MP3/MP4
12V/10A - Air Pump, Personal Electronic Devices, etc
19V/3.5A - Laptop, PC
Jump Start - 12V vehicle up to 400 CCA battery capacity
LED Light - Light, Strobe, SOS
• Input: 14V 1A
• Starting Current: 200A
• Peak Current 400A 
• Lifetime: >500 Cycles
• Operating Temperature: -20°C~60°C / -4°F~140°F
• Kit Contains - 15 Accessories
• Up to 20 starts per recharge