ALPHA 300i Hand Held

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Track and train your dogs in the field with the Alpha 300i handheld, featuring a new vivid 3.5″ touchscreen, inReach® satellite communication2 and user-friendly 6-button design.

- Up to 55 hours battery life. 

- Brighter display touch screen.

- Channel View- Monitor and concentration of collars in the area + easily select less congested channels to avoid interference. 

- Back and Restore - Keep your data secure and protected by creating backups. 

- Garmin Messenger APP- Pair with the gamin messenger smartphone app for fast, easy satellite messaging. 

- Track up to 20 dogs (2.5 second update rate)

-Backwards Compatible - Keep your existing collars and other alpha compatible Garmin devices. Transfer location data between other Garmin devices.