Knife Pouch Set

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Product Description
5pcs Knife Set
Care, Safety and General Instructions
Knives are sharp and must be stored in a suitable place. A knife block or magnetic rack is recommended for storage in order to avoid causing any damage to knives or surrounding objects.

Keep away from children at all times.

Dishwasher safe. Handle with care when loading the knife into the dishwasher. Place in a stable position to avoid the knife moving around during the cycle. Although this item is dishwasher safe, it is recommended to hand wash immediately after use in warm soapy water. Always dry knife after hand/dishwashing with a clean dry cloth. Do not soak.
Keep knives sharp by regularly sharpening depending on usage.
Use knives for its intended purpose only, such as cutting food.
National Sanitation Foudation is an internationally recognized organization by the practices of consultancy, inspection and training, aimed at ensuring the health of food, water, air and environment.

Microban - AntiMicrobial Treatment
01 un – 24642/080 - Sharpener 10”
01 un – 24603/086 - Bonning Knife 6”
01 un – 24636/086 - Bonning Knife 6”
01 un – 24606/086 – Skinning Knife
01 un – Nylon Pouch